September 12, 2009


Rule #18:Your front yard is not a landfill; nor is it a storage unit.

My dog-walking route takes me past countless yards that are littered with junk. The junk stays there day after day. The kitchen supplies (kettle, plates, vases, etc.) on this table have been there for over a year.

Note the Christmas lights.

Again, this isn't a temporary pile of dirt. It's been there since I moved to Mira Mesa (in early 2008).

It may just be me, but mounting Buddha on a pile of rocks seems sacrilegious.


Kim said...

Haha, I just got your comment on my blog. So glad you came out of the woodwork, so I could find your blog! Also glad you appreciate my quirky brain :) Thanks for the link to the apostrophes site!

PTC said...

You should still blog. You're funny!

Mira Mesa Denizen said...

Awh thanks! Writing is a painfully slow process for me, so after a pitifully small number of posts, I was at my limit. I also moved away from Mira Mesa to a much less inspiring (because it's nicer) part of San Diego and the nail in the coffin was when I had a baby who doesn't like sleep.