August 17, 2009

Christmas in August

Rule #4: Christmas lights and decorations are for Christmas. They are not meant to be year-round. I have never seen a community filled with so much holiday spirit in August.

On my walk this morning I passed five houses in a row all with their icicle lights still hanging. The chili pepper Christmas lights almost brought tears to my eyes ...and the Santa Claus door decoration still hanging in the middle of August? I mean, that has to be some kind of record. I can see it now, the new city slogan greeting drivers as they enter Mira Mesa’s borders: “Welcome to the city that’s too lazy to stop celebrating Christmas.”

There’s an ongoing debate between my boyfriend and I as to whether the “Blow-up Santa” folks will try to resurrect good ol’ Santa this winter (we’re hoping the sun hasn’t caused too much damage).

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