August 21, 2009

Pigeon Enclosures

Rule #6: Pigeon enclosures are not a good idea. They’re an even worse idea when they are so large that they are mistaken for a batting cage. They are a flat out ridiculous idea when you live in Southern California and are close enough to your neighbor to reach out your window to touch his wall.

Note: I have always referred to this house as the cacti-hoarding pigeon house, due to (1) the aforementioned pigeon enclosure, and (2) the front yard that was filled (and I mean absolutely jam-packed stuffed to the brim filled) with potted cacti. Thus you can imagine my utter disappointment when I arrived to take photos and discovered that the front yard was completely bare. Not a cactus in site. The only upside was that the pigeon enclosure had been substantially enlarged – Mira Mesa has plenty of other potted plant hoarders, but this is her sole pigeon enclosure …and what a majestically ridiculous one it is.

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